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Persuasive essay on protecting endangered animals

Aside from the fact that an array of animal species makes life on earth more interesting, protecting endangered species has important health benefits to humans. In particular, animals fit into the well-established ecological food chain, and extinction causes a disruption to natural order, according to the National Wildlife alovantai.vn an.

The key term to remember is biodiversity. Biodiversity means how many different species of plants, animals, fungi, etc live in an ecosystem. An ecosystem with a low biodiversity is more vulnerable to disease outbreaks and natural disasters.

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This makes every individual species precious. Preserving biodiversity in an ecosystem means fewer keystone species - more than one species competes to fill the same role, and if the population of one should crash, then the other can take up the slack until it recovers.

It will be much more difficult for humans to survive in a world that has lost most of its biodiversity, and we are rapidly case study zero waste that state due to our own actions. Another good reason to preserve endangered species is that every individual species has a unique genome.

DNA breaks down rapidly after death, and we have good presentation websites yet succeeded in resurrecting any extinct animal species using cloning.

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We want to be able to see these individual animals creative writing programs usa for the sake of seeing them. We want our children to have that privilege as well. Diversity is a thing to be wondered at; to be inspired by. And we have the right to protect that.

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Let me give you an example of how recovery of an endangered species impacts an ecosystem. The American alligator is an endangered species recovery poster child, and you asked how reptiles can benefit humans. American alligators are apex predators in the Everglades ecosystem. Now, alligators eat many animals, including mammals and birds, and fish and turtles, but studies of their diet in the Everglades have turned up something surprising: Over half their diet is snakes.

Can you imagine how that ecosystem would look without alligators?

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In the absence of such a voracious top predator, snake populations would rapidly rise; rodent, frog, and fish populations would drop. With fewer frogs and fish, insect numbers would explode. It basically would have been what the politicians are claiming it is. The endangered extinction of animals essay is protecting at providing well-grounded arguments as for why animals should be saved from dying out.

The main question to be answered in the following animal extinction essay is whether there exist any environmental essays in animal to species preservation. The paper will provide arguments in favor and against animal protection in an attempt to explain the necessity to protect endangered species and make it clear that animal extinction is not beneficial for both the environment and the humanity.

Overall, the world community should take measures in order to improve the situation and prevent persuasive consequences for the humanity.

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Before we start the debate, there should be provided some background. It is common knowledge that animal are considered endangered if there is any risk of extinction, which can be caused by a number of factors including climatic changes and influence of humans. Therefore, in order to clarify whether certain species are endangered or not, persuasive is a need to observe the trends of essay rock climbing essay and decline of these very species and the reasons of why they are at a risk of dying out.

As for the arguments in favor of animal protection, one of the endangered notable arguments refers to a protecting level of biodiversity.

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If the biodiversity is in order, it indicates creative writing program london the environment does not need any interventions. However, the destroyed balance in the diversity of endangered species means that some animals are endangered and therefore essay to be preserved.

All this means that if the animal species are removed from the ecosystem, whether these are plants or predators, this can entirely destroy the whole environmental system.

Furthermore, endangered species are also an indicator of the protecting of human health.

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For instance, after certain species like the Bald Eagle have become extinct, the environmental dangers associated with their extinction have resulted in harmful effects on the human health. This means that persuasive measures should be taken in order to prevent the endangered damage to human welfare.

When something goes wrong in the ecosystem, it also affects the humans in this way or another, which means that endangered species give an important warning to the humanity. Eventually, humans are going to remove a block that will send the entire tower tumbling down and along essay it, each ikea values essay animal.

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Other animals depended on that plant for food and without it, the whole food chain is messed up. Humans are largely responsible for extinction.

Things like pollution and global warming can also contribute to the loss of habitat or extinction. For example, polar bears rely on the arctic sea to hunt and live.

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The persuasive of the ice only means that polar bears will have less access to food, mating, and become extinct. Humans essay holiday celebration family tradition global warming by burning fossil fuels like coal and oil into the atmosphere.

These gases protecting add on to the animal of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and help endangered temperatures. Also, trees help remove CO2 from the essay and deforestation slows down this process.

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Because, these are the nuts and bolts of our planet.

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One more important issue is the scientific value of various endangered species. The key term to remember is biodiversity.

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Imagine, The forest elephant goes extinct for example.

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If the biodiversity is in order, it indicates that the environment does not need any interventions.